November 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015Butterfly

Catch the Butterflies is an installation created by local artist, Brian Keith Stephens. For just over a month the Glassenberg Gallery will transform into a dense, but flexible forest of hanging butterfly scrolls, clustered in groups that form a fantasy immersion of an unnatural, natural world. This room of colorful, larger than life-size floor to ceiling scrolls, will lend an unforgettable air of celebratory magic this Holiday season to New London, and beyond.

Butterflies have enchanted people across vastly different cultures throughout history and have come to symbolize personal transformation as well as grace, eloquence, and good luck. Butterflies have a universal appeal and electrifying energy that touch the human sensibility to feel and experience excitement, and wonderment. Throughout history butterflies have enchanted the human mind; this installation brings that history to life for the young and old alike.

This family friendly installation and accompanying programming is designed to attract a broad and diverse audience and communicate messages of enchantment, fantasy, and magic this holiday season.

Catch the Butterfly

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