This project has the potential to be a game-changer for the region’s cultural landscape,
attracting tourists, boosting the local economy, and creating job opportunities.

Lyman Allyn Park will produce a dramatic change in the landscape of New London by creating a 12-acre, freely accessible urban park that will serve as a cultural and educational resource for the City of New London and the surrounding region.

Stroll on safely-lit walkways throughout the Park among mature trees, themed gardens, and a variety of delights. Visitors will discover the Park to be a welcoming community gathering space with an open-air amphitheater, the contemplative McCourt 9/11 Memorial Garden, an ecologically active pond filtrating runoff water, and an engaging array of outdoor sculptures. An expansive Green will accentuate the entrance experience into the Museum. 

Lyman Allyn Park is for everyone. We welcome the thousands who visit our region each year, with a special embrace of the residents of New London, many of whom have not considered the Museum their home, nor taken advantage of the positive benefits offered by greenspaces in their neighborhoods.

We want to do more to address the inequities in our region by adding a variety of opportunities for the underserved and marginalized communities who have traditionally been denied the positive outcomes of parks and greenspaces, such as improved mental and physical health and greater community connectedness.

Economic and Community Vitality

The Park will add to community vibrancy, which improves economic outcomes for a region. 

An outdoor stage and amphitheater with seating capacity for 250 will serve as a community gathering place for visitors to enjoy music, plays and other cultural events that will regularly feature New London-based performance groups. These events will bring additional revenue to the region and help to sustain the Museum.

Improved Well-being and Environmental Sustainability

Greenspaces are associated with good health, longer life expectancy, better cognitive functioning, fewer mental health problems, and with healthier babies.

The scenic pond and cascade will filter non-source point runoff water and support the ecology of Long Island Sound, while offering educational opportunities to understand the role green infrastructure can play in environmental sustainability.

Participation in the Arts

Outdoor sculpture installations and open-air performances will attract and encourage participation in the arts, which has been shown to inspire creativity, empathy, increased civic engagement, and a healthier civic society.

Themed sculpture gardens will offer artistic enrichment to residents, including one that will feature New London artists’ work and reinforce that this park is a space designed for city residents to enjoy.

Through the bequest of Harriet Upson Allyn, the Lyman Allyn Art Museum was founded to be a “park and museum for the free use and enjoyment of the people of New London.”
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