January 21 – April 2, 2017

“Yacht 2” Newport 7/17/15.

For Peter Daitch, photography is a dance between the images the world is presenting and the vision of the artist behind the camera. It is this balance, between what he perceives through the lens, and who he is as an artist that allows him to create his work.  Daitch uses the camera itself to capture his vision of the natural world; they are not the product of a digital after-effect.

The photographs in this exhibition range in form from abstract, to impressionist and traditional imagery. Regardless of the subject matter, Daitch’ s intention is to simplify what is before him to its most natural elements of light, color and composition. Through the camera lens, he seeks to capture something of the essence of an image, a scene, a moment as he perceives it, and to share the feeling and inner resonance of that instance with the viewer.

For this exhibit of “Landscapes, Abstracts and Urban Scenes” Daitch has selected images primarily captured in New England and the mountains of Colorado. By dividing the exhibition into segments – Abstracts, Seascapes, Mountains, Urban – his hope is to emphasize, that while the subject matter differs, every moment offers the opportunity to pause, reflect and experience the instant more deeply. With the selection of local subject matter, Daitch reminds us to pause and find a different perspective through which we might realize a deeper appreciation of the beauty that is right here in our backyards, every day.

plowed-field-lyme-ct-2016    long-island-sound-34-2016
Images left to right: “Tiffany Farm 1” Lyme CT 11/8/16; “Long Island Sound 3” 10/28/16.

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