May 14 – August 14, 2006


This exciting new exhibition, curated by Steven Holmes and culled from the renowned Cartin collection in Hartford, Connecticut, introduces contemporary approaches to portraiture ranging from traditional oil on canvas portraits to enhanced and re-worked photographs to three-dimensional assemblages referencing childhood memories. Subject explores–visually, socially, politically, and psychologically- the nature of portraiture.


The artists whose work was on view in Subject:

It is not often that museums in this region have the opportunity to present an exhibition that offers the public a comprehensive look at the type of cutting-edge, avant-garde contemporary art on view in Subject. The exhibition will simultaneously provoke and stimulate viewers to explore their own reactions to what they see.

Philip Akkerman Tony Fitzpatrick Marlene McCarty Jenny Scobel
Jean-Michel Basquiat Tom Friedman Sean Mellyn Sandra Scolnik
Robert Beck Gregory Gillespie Sam Messer Hiroshi Sugimoto
Stanley Brouwn Mark Greenwold Evan Penny Jim Torok
Thomas Chimes David Hammons Magnus Von Plessen Eugene Von Breunchenheim
Jim Coleman Paul Laffoley Charles Ritchie John Waters
Benjamin Cottam Glenn Ligon Harry Roseman Martin Wilner
R. Crumb Robert Lostutter Matt Saunders
Spencer Finch Margherita Manzelli Malick Sidibe
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