Second Gallery Tour • Opening Paths

Join us for a gallery talk with artist Imna Arroyo and exhibition curator Migdalia Salas to explore the dynamic works featured in Opening Paths. This program will focus on the Èṣù Elegbá Installation and its cultural inspiration, as well as West African Yoruba traditions.

This program will also include a musical performance with Amma McKen and Swahili Henry.

Reception: 5:30 PM
Gallery Talk: 6 PM
Cost: Members $10 / Non-members $15

RSVP to 860.443.2545 ext. 2129 or email us.

About the Musicians

Amma D. McKen has been a lifelong member of a vibrant community who describe themselves as Yoruba traditionalists or Lukumi, practicing a way of life and religion of West Africa. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, McKen has sung traditional sacred Yoruba music since she was 14 and is recognized as a Priestess of Yemonja. The Yoruba refer to God as Olodumare, as well as deities known as Orisas. Orisa worship was spread to the new world through the slave trade and, in order to preserve their religious traditions against repression, the African slaves matched the Orisas to Catholic saints. McKen holds several roles and titles in Yoruba, including the title of Akpon, a lead singer and officiator for the drumming and dancing celebrations. Akpon is a title held by very few people and is critical to keeping the tradition in place.

Swahili Henry is a singer and student of sacred orisha music from Yoruba and Lucumi traditions under the tutelage of her godmother and mentor Amma McKen. Ms. Henry performs with the group Omi Yesa, founded by Amma McKen

Image: Èṣù Elegbá InstallationÈṣù Elegbá, instalación, 2022
Mixed Mediums • Técnica mixta
Dimensions:  Variable • Dimensiones variables


Sep 18 2024


5:30 am - 7:30 pm
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