Paper Roll Stamps

Instead of tossing paper towel and toilet paper rolls in the recycling, use them to design your very own stamps. Focus on basic shapes or take on the challenge of building more complicated designs for your masterpiece. Materials Paper towel or toilet paper rolls Paint Painters pallet (we use paper plates) Scissors Canvas, paper, or […]

Tissue Paper Prints

Materials Tote bag or white cotton shirt or blank canvas Tissue paper (variety of colors cut into squares) Water Eye dropper or spoon Instructions This project can be done in several ways! Jazz up a spare tote bag. Decorate a plain white cotton t-shirt (just make sure you wash and dry it beforehand). Decorate a […]

Egg Carton Dragonflies

Materials Egg carton Paint Paint palette (the Museum uses a paper plate) Paintbrushes Water, water buckets, and paper towels Scissors Paper (we used study cardstock paper) Tissue paper in a variety of colors Glue Pipe cleaners Instructions Have your parents help you cut the egg carton longways. One egg carton should make two dragonflies. Paint […]

Newspaper Cat Collage

Materials Newspaper White paper Construction paper Markers Scissors Glue Instructions The body of the cat will be made out of newspaper. You will need: Head – one large round circle Body – one large U-shape, just don’t cut out the middle! Ears – two medium-sized triangles Whiskers – four thin strips of paper The eyes, […]

Accordion Peep Hole

Take a page from the “Beautiful Oops” book, literally! Try your hand at this activity and see how a hole in a piece of paper can be turned into a 3D work of art. Check out the video below to watch Education Associate Miss Sophia read “Beautiful Oops” by Barney Saltzberg. Materials White paper Pencil […]

Cherry Blossom Painting

Materials Canvas, paper or cardboard Paint Paintbrushes and a water bucket Painter’s palette (a paper plate works nicely) Cotton balls Clothes pins (optional) Instructions Paint the background of your canvas a light blue color to mimic the sky. Remember that a thin, smooth layer of paint will dry more quickly! While your background is drying, […]

Watercolor Painting

Check out the video below! Education Associate Miss Sophia reads “I Am an Artist” by Pat Lowrey Collins. This book pairs well with this watercolor painting activity and our resistance painting activity. Materials Watercolor paint Paint brush Container for water Watercolor paper (if you do not have watercolor paper, any painting paper will do) Pencil […]

Building Block Printing

Turn your LEGO’s or other building blocks into a new type of stamp! This project experiments with the various marks, sizes and textures each brick can make. Materials LEGO’s or other building bricks Paint Painters pallet (we use paper plates) Paint brush Scissors Canvas, paper, or cardboard Newspaper (to help contain the mess and make […]

Still life and Genre Drawing

Browse examples of still life and portrait paintings in our Brought to Light exhibition for some inspiration! Materials Pencil Eraser Paper Any objects you want to use from around your house, we suggest: Fruit Bowls, cups, vases Flowers Instructions Select the objects you wish to use in your still life and arrange them in a […]

3D Flower Collages

Materials Canvas (if you don’t have canvas then a flat piece of cardboard will work). Paint (the Museum uses non-toxic acrylic paint). Cardboard Tissue paper Scissors Paintbrushes & water buckets Glue Instructions With your parents, prep the tissue paper by cutting it into 1-inch squares. Cut teardrop shapes out of the cardboard, these teardrops will […]

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